This Is The Age Your Partner Will Most Likely Cheat On You

Be Scared Of The Number 9

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Scientists have been able to figure out the age you are most likely to meet your spouse, age you are most likely to fall in love and the age you are most like to get married. So it is only right that they determine the age you are most likely to cheat on your partner right? Right.


Cheating is so disruptive and detrimental yet it is so common with Nigerian women said to be the most unfaithful in the world. A study by Durex had concluded that 62% of Nigerian women cheat. This percentage beat out the 35 other countries which had been surveyed in the study.

Scientists at infidelity website, IllicitEncounters have however been able to determine that the age one is most likely to cheat on his/her partner is 39. At this age, people are TWICE as likely to cheat on their partners than at any other age. It’s not just ’39’ either – 29 and 49 were also cited as other ‘danger years’, although to a lesser extent than 39.

The result is a bit logical because it only makes sense that towards the end of each decade, people become more preoccupied with aging, and are more likely to wonder if they could still attract the opposite sex.

So guys, by the time your partner turns 29, 39 or 49, you better padlock them at home! A word is enough for the wise.

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