No DJ, No Problem! Say Hello To AmpMe!

Last Night the AmpMe saved my life


Thanks to technology (or no thanks depending on where you stand), a good number of jobs have/are becoming obsolete. Postmen, Newspaper vendors, Human alarm clocks and more are all going the way of the dinosaur and one which might be following very closely are DJs. AmpMe is a relatively new mobile app capable of syncing multiple smart phones or bluetooth speakers to a single audio source.


Not all geniuses create cures for diseases, some solve pressing link-up-at-the-crib issues…hats off to the creators of AmpMe. Too many scenarios have called for a solution like this and it was only a matter of time before somebody came to the rescue. Imagine trying to throw a party and the squad have three China phones between them; Its lit!

Using Ampme is also a straightforward process; simply open the song/playlist of choice in the app and invite friends who have their bluetooth on to join in on the fun. It can be downloaded on both iOS and Android.

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