Joking Hazard: A Must Have For Your Next Games Night

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Every now and then, there comes along an item which changes the landscape of the party scene worldwide. These have included Red cups, Cards Against Humanity, Tequila, Twerking among others. A new member is making its way into that exclusive list and its the all new card game: Joking Hazard.

joking hazard

Joking Hazard is a card game which spins off the crudely hilarious Cyanide and Happiness comic strip. It’s a bit like Cards Against Humanity in that participants draw out cards to complement a leading card with the aim of creating a strip with the highest level of politically incorrectness and hilarity.

Also just like Cards Against Humanity, its existence is owed to a Kickstarter campaign which had people donate over $3million to support the movement. With just $25 dollars, you can buy it off Amazon. Go forth and go party like a rockstar  comic.

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