Here Is The Job Salary For Ten Careers Around The World

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In Nigeria where the minimum wage is approximately one sack of rice, the key to success seems to be to carry bread (word to Olajumoke) or to carry mic and go Skiborobo Skibo Baddest (word to Lil Kesh). Some employers actually take the minimum wage to be their target job salary for graduates and one begins to wonder when will you ever make all the money you dreamed of as a child.

Ironically and rather annoying, we have always been told ‘don’t take a job for the money‘ and ‘learn before you earn‘ but in truth life is all about the money right? So in view of this, we have decided to look into how much money you can make from your career choice in different parts of the world; because well if you can’t find what you are looking for at home, its best you look elsewhere.

The infographics below outline just how much the top earners in certain professions make in countries across the world, and the information just might surprise you (if you are an optimist, pessimist or realist)..or get you to start processing your visas (if you are like me, an opportunistic). Without further ado, lets take a look at the job salary for ten careers around the world.

Teacher Job Salary

Some of you might have said you will never ever be a teacher but when you see that a teacher makes as much as N22,000,000/year in Switzerland you just might want to consider.

Job salary teacher

Job Salary Dentist

Rumor has it that Dentists in Spain are the ones who pop bottles in the club.

job salary dentist

Job Salary Doctor

If you are in medical school and hope to go home with an armed robber salary then you might have to keep an eye out on Netherlands where you can make as much as N81,000,000/year

job salary doctor

Job Salary Lawyer

Maybe Falz might be regretting not chasing this lawyer career. In China he could have been making N46m/year. Well maybe he makes more now.

job salary 4

Job Salary Construction Manager

In the UAE you can be making more money than you will ever spend but you better know how to supervise the building of all those 10000000 floor skyscrapers.

job salary 5

Job Salary FireFighter

Warning: Job comes with occupational hazards

job salary 6

Job Salary Nurse

You should have listened to your mum when she wanted you to go to medical school. AT least you might have become a nurse and have been raking in as much as N56m/year.

job salary nurse

Job Salary Software Developer

Software developers are the new in thing in Nigeria but I am sure those in CCHUB and the like might be thinking of how they could move to Switzerland.

job salary software developer

Job Salary Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum Engineers are the OBOs of Nigeria but I am sure they would be wishing they made as much as their colleagues in Norway.

job salary petroleum engineer

Job Salary Hotel Receptionist

Hotel receptionists in Australia are cash kings. They make as much as N8,000,000 per year. My friend over at (name withheld) hotel doesn’t make enough to stop borrowing money from me.

job salary 10

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