How to Prevent Yourself From a Hangover

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Talk about medicine after death; pushing out an article on how to prevent a Hangover just after the Christmas Holiday Boozing Marathon is over. Sorry about the inconveniences, it was this same type of behavior that made Skales bless us with Temper after our hands got accustomed to automatically skipping a track as soon as we heard ‘Issokay’. No information is lost however and this probably would come in handy by the weekend.


Th internet is littered with so many personal theories on how to cure a hangover but we have decided to switch things up by providing how to avoid one. Here are the ways to prevent yourself from a hangover:

  1. Try Sticking To Clear Drinks: Congeners are the stuff found in alcohol that causes/increases the potency of hangovers. Clear alcoholic drinks such as Vodka, Gin and White rum contain the least congeners while Whiskey, Dark rum and Scotch contain the most! In simpler terms you are more likely to get a hangover if you keep downing a Jack Daniels bottle all night than if you go for a Ciroc.
  2. Drink A Lot Of Water Earlier In The Day: Everybody knows to drink water after a heavy night out drinking but not too many know its actually a preventive measure to drink a lot of water prior to the booze fest. Water fights fatigue in your body and also helps lessen the effect alcohol will have in your blood stream and on your brain.
  3. Eat A Large Fatty Meal Beforehand: It goes without saying. Drinking on an empty stomach is one of the worst things you can to yourself, its a surprise it isn’t used as a form of torture. Be sure to eat a meal with a lot of carbohydrates, proteins and fat beforehand as they help your body metabolize the alcohol and also coats your stomach from the potency.
  4. Don’t Smoke: Research has shown that the chemicals found in cigarettes greatly heighten the effects of dehydration and hangover symptoms. Nicotine releases cytokines into the body which directly result headaches and nausea which make up a hangover.

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