How To Pepper Dem One Last Time This Year On Instagram

Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Which Were My Best Selfies Of Them All


All year, you have been tensioning your followers with pictures of you looking like today’s bread i.e Hot, Fresh and Soft. It’s only right you sign off the year with something for the exes, admirers, haters, observers, chykers and co who make up your followers list to think about. You have the chance to do just that by dropping a compilation of your best Instagram pictures of the year.

Instagfy, helps you create a simple GIF slideshow of your most popular posts of the year. You can also have an MP4 version sent to your email so you can upload the animation to your Instagram profile. Interestingly you just need to input your username for your clip to be generated.


If you would prefer a collage, #16bestof16 is your go to website. It generates a grid containing 16 of your best shots from 2016. The site also provides you with stats which includes how many pictures you’ve uploaded, as well as how many likes and comments you received all through the year.

instagram #16bestof16

Now go forth and tension.


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