The History Of Dabbing

When In Doubt, Dab




There is no doubt that Nigeria has the best dances in the world. If any of the 3 S’s (Shekem, Skelewu or Shoki) got as much screen time as Dabbing has, the world will be suffering from an epidemic. So its impressive when a dance from foreign lands finds a way to infiltrate the Nigerian youth culture as much as Dabbing has done in the past months.

Dabbing originated In Atlanta

The Dab dance had been around and pretty much underground for a couple of years even before Migos made it mainstream with the release of songs such as ‘Look At My Dab‘ and ‘B*tch Dab‘. Who exactly started the dab is unclear, but it’s certain that the dance originated in Atlanta and has circulated the Internet with the help of Atlanta artists like Skippa Da Flippa, Migos, PeeWee Longway and Jose Guapo.

drake dabbing

Dabbing does not belong to any specific song

Unlike other dances such as Nae Nae, Snap, Milly rock and more, Dabbing does not belong to any particular song. The first music video that can be traced to see someone dabbing in it is Skippa Da Flippa’s  “How Fast Can You Count It,” which was released in 2014.


Dabbing has an affiliation with Fashion

“When you put your favorite outfit on, you dabbin’ at the moment,” said PeeWee Longway, one of the rumored originators of the dab. In Migos’s “Look at My Dab,” Takeoff raps that people think “it’s just a dance, when dabbin’ is a way of fashion.”

ketchup dabbing

Dabbing in Nigeria Pop Culture

Dabbing has taken over Nigeria’s pop culture as it has been seen in multiple music videos such as DJ Enimoney ft Olamide – Oya bad, Lil Kesh – Problem Child, Wizkid – Baba Nla, Dammy Krane ft Davido – Izzue, YCEE – Jagaban remix and more.

Dabbing Controversy

As with any thing that becomes a trend in Nigeria, people can come up with conspiracy theories regarding the Dab. One of such is by a Nigerian Christian group who came out to say Dabbing means ‘Demonstrating Antichrist’s Bow’ (DAB) and is a creation from the underworld to sway men and women into the kingdom of the devil. *insert Night of a Thousand Laughs crowds laughter soundbyte here*

A quick highlight on the best of dabbing in Nigeria:

Best Dab by a Nigerian Artiste – Phyno – Oya Dab | Best Song To Dab To: Emtee ft Wizkid ad AKA – Roll Up | Best Dab immortalized by a picture – Ketchup | Best Dabbing Duo – These guys. Lol.

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