Guy Spies On Man Who Stole His Phone For Weeks With Cerberus App

Everyday For The Thief, Everyday For The Owner


I have no statistics to back this but I can bet my last hard earned Buhari economy Naira that this is the period in the year where most people’s phones meet their new  owners. Its not everyone at the turn up that is looking to have a good time, some are there just looking to have a new phone and it just takes one second of negligence for a change of ownership to occur. Cerberus is an app which can help you keep tabs on your phone and get it back if stolen especially because most times the enemy is closer than you think.


When you install the Cerberus app on your phone, you will be able to use a computer to access all old and new files on your phone (pictures, videos, contacts etc), listen to phone conversations and read text messages, snap pictures and record voices, track every location your phone is taken to and much more. It is an astonishing app which basically still makes your phone your phone even though it is not in your possession.

Van der Meer, a film student in Netherlands, was tired of his phone getting stolen and was equally curious to find out what a thief does after stealing a phone. So he installed Cerberus on his phone and left as bait to be stolen. It eventually got stolen and Van der Meer then secretly spied and documented what the thief did for over two weeks which he turned into a documentary – Find My Phone. There’s no bigger thriller or drama in the cinema right now in my opinion and it certainly is worth a watch. Check it out.

Click here to download Cerberus for Android.

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