How to Add An Olympic Flag Frame To Your Facebook Profile Picture

Your Country Needs You




2016 has been the year of the underdog and the Nigerian Olympic Football team seems to have taken over the torch in that respect. A second consecutive victory, 1-0 win over Sweden, has propelled the team to the quarterfinals of the competition and Nigerians are starting to grow a bit of belief that the team can actually go all the way. This is a great achievable for a team who almost did not even make it to the Olympics in time to start with.

nigeria versus sweden

So with the Nigerian Olympics Football team doing their bit and our very own i-never-experred it viral star looking to cause serious havoc at the Olympics in Brazil, it might be a good time to come out of our hiding places and start showing some support using the Olympic Flag Frame on our Facebook profile picture.

facebook profile picture

To change to your Country flag:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the drop-down box and select Rio 2016.
  3. Click Federal Republic Of Nigeria
  4. Adjust size and click button “Use as Profile Picture.”

With that done, you can start repping Naija to the fullest on your Facebook profile.

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