20 Of The Most Stupid Questions People Ask Google

We’ve Lost Faith In Humanity

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Imagine Google was a person and probably a friend. Asides having him on speed dial for if ever you make it to the Hot seat of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, you have to worry if he would even be available to pick your call, because you know, he might have taken his life. Considering the amount of stupid questions people ask Google on a daily basis its hard not to see him suffering from some fusion of frustration and depression: fruspession.

Using data from Google’s Autocomplete and Keyword Planner tools, Marketing Firm Digitalloft, compiled a list of the wackiest and craziest questions people have gotten to ask Google and it confirms the above narrative. Take a peek, its nothing short of hilarious.

ask google

Be honest, how many of your stupid questions made the list?

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